Samstag, 07. Januar: Pollyrocketshow im Taubenschlag!

Pollyrocketshow geht ins fünfte Jahr und bietet euch direkt den ersten Kracher:

PATSY O‘ HARA (Bielefeld)

dark and aggressive melodic hardcore-punk not unlike FROM ASHES RISE, TRAGEDY etc. or even early Finlands ENDSTAND with dark and desperate lyrics / vocals which have often been compared to those of MODERN LIFE IS WAR and their likes.

RUINS ( Bielefeld)

Neo Crust D-Beat Soundwall with members of Shoyo Squad and KPX. For Friends of Downfall of Gaia, Fall of Efrafa, Tragedy and so on.


nonstop and powerful crushing hardcore between the 80s and 00s powerviolence without sounding like anyone before. somewhere between BOMBENALARM, HAMMERHEAD, MK ULTRA and NEGATIVE APPROACH

CANNONEER (Fröndenberg/Menden)

neue Platte, geile Band.

Soli-Mexikaner für 1 €!